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SEAQUAL INITIATIVE joins forces with VeryNile to clean the Nile River



VeryNile and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE are collaborating to clean Nile River

Since 2018, VeryNile has been working on removing marine litter from the Nile River and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is collaborating with them in this task.

The Nile River is a symbol of Egyptian heritage and a source of life for Egypt. However, according to the World Economic Forum, it is also one of 10 rivers that carry 90% of all plastic debris to the world’s oceans. The fish in the river are affected by plastic pollution. So, to improve the lives of the fishermen and their families, VeryNile started a project to provide them with extra income from the waste they collect and access to health services.
VeryNile also runs campaigns to raise awareness among Egyptians about the risks of throwing plastic garbage into the river and the importance of reducing plastic consumption, to empower local communities.
Independent Cairo fishermen have extensive knowledge of the Nile River, a knowledge that has grown over many generations. They know how to navigate the most isolated areas and their small boats give them access to even extremely secluded areas. They would be the first to benefit from a clean Nile River.
VeryNile aims to preserve this unique cultural heritage by ensuring a sustainable approach to fishing while preserving tradition through innovation. This project empowers the local fishermen, both socially and economically, to clean the Nile River while increasing their income and livelihood. Furthermore, all collectors and operators benefit from health insurance and decent work conditions.
At the same time, the project empowers women to become financially independent from their husbands, engaging at all levels of the community and creating new jobs for them. They work with their hands turning plastic collected in the Nile River into hand-made recycled artisan products.

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and VeryNile collaboration is proving to be a very effective project for increasing the livelihoods of the fishermen and women in these communities, while cleaning the Nile River and raising awareness about the importance of keeping the river clean.

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