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Study highlights how humans and nature are causing significant changes to the health of global rivers

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Life under the sea through the eyes of Ocean Photography Awards finalists

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How climate change could impact algae in the global ocean


There’s a new ocean now—can you name all 5?

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Strange Sea Creature Found in Oceans Around the World May Improve Health of Marine Ecosystems


Indonesia coral reef partially restored in extensive project

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Recycling in the fisheries sector: key to cleaning up our seas

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We can protect only a subset of the ocean; which piece should we choose?


How sharks are helping to save the oceans

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Seagrass Is Cleaning The Ocean By Trapping Our Plastic In Balls

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As we pollute the oceans, sea life isn’t alone at risk — our health is, too

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Lenka Petráková Designs a Floating Research Station to Clean Oceans

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Plastic petition by UK nine-year-old gains over 70k signatures in under a week

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New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

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Device to curb microplastic emissions wins James Dyson award

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Use of plastic bags in England drops by 59% in a year

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Cambodia’s ‘Rubbish School’

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Ocean plastics smell like food to turtles

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Mandy Barker: our plastic ocean

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World Ocean Day 2019: Ocean plastics problem isn’t going away, but here’s what you can do to help

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These 5 amazing people are fighting to save our oceans

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From Sweden to Thailand to New Jersey, “Ploggers” Clean Up Litter on the Run

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Oceans can be restored to former glory within 30 years say scientists

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Here are 5 reasons why the ocean is so important

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A path to creating a first generation of high seas protected areas

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This 12-year-old build an underwater robot to fight plastic pollution

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When the ocean gives you plastic, make animals

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Coral larvae cryogenically frozen and thawed for the first time

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7 inventions that-are literally saving our oceans

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