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Trendsplant: making waves with crafted collections made with SEAQUAL® YARN



Trendsplant is a B Corp Company that develops swimwear made with SEAQUAL® YARN with the everyday in mind, always striving for the best quality and maximum comfort, designed for longevity.

Established in 2009 on the shores of the Mediterranean in Alicante, Spain. Trendsplant’s profound ties to the sea are evident year-round. They boast a specialized collection dedicated to incorporating elements of the region’s wildlife, flora, and cultural traditions into their apparel designs.

They primarily manufacture in Portugal and Spain, often mere kilometers from their headquarters, prioritizing proximity, transparency, and corporate responsibility toward both the facilities and their employees.

Its journey with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE began back in 2018, when they transitioned all their swimwear program from conventional polyester to a 100% upcycled fabric that dries even faster.

Each Trendsplant swim short contains around approximately 180 grams of plastic, the equivalent of 11 bottles. That’s why they say it is “The Swim Short the Ocean wants you to wear”.

The collection both for men and kids is complementary to their towels, which are made of 30% SEAQUAL® YARN and 70% Recycled cotton blend.

Trendsplant goes beyond simply crafting quality products. They prioritize decisions that benefit both the planet and its inhabitants, prioritizing these concerns over their own interests.

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