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Gipuzkoa, Spain


For Ternua’s SS 2020 collection, they collaborated with AZTI-Tecnalia, the Basque Government, EKO-REC and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE in their Seacycle project and created a range of sustainable shirts made from recycled polyester containing post-consumer plastic bottles from the ocean.

Everything Ternua does is aligned with their commitment to the planet and the people who live on it. Ternua is a Basque brand which designs and produces technical outdoor clothing and markets its garments nationally and internationally, with presence in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and America. It belongs to the European Outdoor Group, which includes the most important outdoor and mountain brands in the world, which collaborate in a constructive and positive way to promote the common interests of the European Outdoor sector.

It is also one of the board members of the EOCA, the European Outdoor Conservation Association, a non-profit association that has distributed more than €2M in environmental conservation projects since 2006. In addition, it is one of the founding members and one of the board members of IGOT, It’s Great Out There, a non-profit association whose objective is to promote the practice of outdoor activities with the aim of fighting the sedentary lifestyle and in this way improve people’s quality of life and socialization. In also sponsors first class events and athletes.

The issue of plastic pollution threatening marine ecosystems is something that Ternua is actively involved with tackling. Through the “Seacycle” project, Ternua is contributing to ocean cleaning. In collaboration with AZTI-Tecnalia, the Basque Government (IHOBE), EKO-REC (a Basque company specialized in PET recycling) and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, Ternua took advantage of the plastic marine litter collected along the Basque coast by three fishing boats, which was mixed with plastic from the plastic recycling container and converted into SEAQUAL® YARN, and then into a high-quality SEAQUAL certified fabric which they used to develop quality technical and sustainable garments for men and women.

Ternua also carries out other projects to do with recycling and the circular economy: Colorcycle (involving the recycling of inedible agricultural waste to make natural dye for their T-shirs and sweatshirts), Redcycle (involving the recycling of disused fishing nets to make pants, jackets, caps and backpacks) and Artishell (involving the recycling of Basque Latxa sheeps’ wool to make insulating fabrics for their jackets).

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