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Style meets sustainability: Canussa creates ethical, vegan accessories



Canussa is an ethical Made-in-Spain business that creates textile accessories for people that want to be stylish while supporting the fight against plastic pollution. Responsible consumption has always been key for Canussa, and this is why their bags and wallets are made using SEAQUAL® YARN from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

When Maria Cano founded Canussa, she had one goal: to create a brand that met the need for a practical, beautiful design without giving up on respecting people and the environment. Thanks to this innovative mindset, Canussa has been working with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to provide their bags and wallets with their sustainable trademark.

Their products feature an elegant vegan alternative to leather exterior, while their interior is wonderfully crafted with SEAQUAL® YARN made from SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC. Because of this, each Canussa bag contributes to the pursuit of a clean ocean and repurposed marine litter. And they will continue to do so with their upcoming summer collection, introducing new models and colors.

However, they not only depend on SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to show their support towards sustainability. They are always looking for ways to improve and innovate in their fight for our planet. One way of doing this is their initiative “One Canussa = One Tree Planted”, in collaboration with One Tree Planted.

Most recently, Canussa has been striving to achieve a zero-waste impact with their newest circular project, which consists of turning Canussa products at the end of their life cycle into new, useful, portable hangers. This is a handy solution for a daily issue that shows the amazing things that we can achieve with circular systems.

Canussa's new versatile hanger, made from recycled materials.

Their effort and persistence in protecting our planet and Ocean have earned Canussa a B-Corp certification, something that is only awarded to brands that make a positive impact both environmentally and socially. This proves that Canussa is not only an accessory; they represent respect, innovation and a greener future.

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