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SPRINGFIELD Swimwear Collection


Nov. 2019

The new swimwear line by Springfield is made with SEAQUAL® YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic from marine litter retrieved from the bottom of the Mediterranean. Springfield’s partnership with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE aims to raise awareness about the problem of marine litter.

Diversity of silhouettes, patterns and lots of color, fabrics that react to water by transforming, and a firm commitment to sustainable fashion: Springfield’s SS2019 swimwear collection.

Together with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, Springfield launched an exclusive swimwear capsule made with SEAQUAL® YARN, a recycled polyester made from the tons of plastic bottles that end up every year in the Mediterranean. Pretty & recycled!

The men’s collection also has several recycled polyester swim shorts with patterns that transform in water, new cut & sew patterns and a variety of styles.

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