Ocean cleaning & recycling

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and Rios Limpios fighting against plastic pollution



SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is collaborating closely with Ríos Limpios to clean up and put an end to the pollution in Yucatán, Mexico.

Garbage in the form of plastic waste continues to be a major problem in Yucatán and worrying levels of pollution have been detected on Yucatán’s beaches, according to federal health authorities.
Many children were getting sick and, after some investigation, it was discovered that the illnesses were in fact to their exposure to the garbage.

So, in 2016, Eduardo Negrete and his wife founded Ríos Limpios, an environmental conservation project whose aim is to raise awareness about water pollution around the world and to manage it by coordinating action plans with society, governments, companies and universities. The organization defines itself as a leader committed to generating measurable changes that improve the environment, by proposing local actions to manage global changes in the fields of conservation, cleaning and bioremediation of the basins of Mexico.

In the 6 years since Ríos Limpios began, they have organized and participated in hundreds of clean-ups on beaches, in forests, rivers, lakes, estuaries, mangroves, mountains and cities. They have also actively participated in the “Mexico Without Plastic Alliance” (Alianza México sin plástico”) which has achieved the regulation of single-use plastics in 29 states in Mexico, and in recycling activities and circular economy workshops. Ríos Limpios is a member of the UN’s global “Clean Seas” campaign.

Involving local communities to combat the problem of plastic pollution was their biggest challenge, and one that has been very effective in increasing the quality of life in these communities without harming the environment and, at the same time, raising the awareness of those who see them doing it.

Rios Limpios and their collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is the key to raising awareness of the issue of marine litter and creating a single voice for the problem of plastic pollution and the people and organizations that fight to solve it and achieve a better country for the coming generations.

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