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sandOcean®, the first Canary Island swimsuit vertical producer using only SEAQUAL® YARN from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE fabrics



sandOcean® is a small wetsuit, swimsuit, and sportswear manufacturer based in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. As the first of its kind, its main aim is to create high-quality one-of-a-kind products with a focus on sustainability and local production that can be identified with the Islands at first glance. All sandOcean’s ® swimsuits and some of its sportswear are made with SEAQUAL® YARN from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

sandOcean® is a fashion brand specializing in wetsuits, swimsuits, and sportswear with an ethical, ecological, and local emphasis. It is the first of its kind in Fuerteventura, one of the less developed Canary Islands, where sustainability is still a challenge. At its small but fully equipped workshop, in the northern village of Corralejo, its products are developed vertically: all the designing, modeling, printing of the fabrics, cutting, sewing, and finishings are done in the house, giving garments a local seal that can be found nowhere else in this import-based island.

Their designs are carefully created by hand by sandOcean's team.

SEAQUAL® YARN from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE was a given choice in this context. What better option to pay back to the ocean all that it gives this island than to make garments with recycled fibers that come from recycled ocean waste? sandOcean® makes all its swimsuits out of top-quality fabric made with up to 82% SEAQUAL® YARN and the results are spectacular, not only in their colour gamut and reproduction quality but also in their comfort and durability.

The philosophy behind this brand is to reproduce in full prints the beauty of the Canary Islands with operated-over drone or macro pictures of very special places in the Archipelago. For this end, eight very different images were selected for the first collection, named Fuerteventura, from drone landscapes of different parts of its unbelievable coastline (such as Playa Esmeralda, or Playa Corra) to macro pictures of unique textures of the island, such as Picón, or Traquite Mine.

sandOcean's designs receive their inspiration from the natural Canarian beauty.

sandOcean’s first commercial photo shoot, for the Fuerteventura Collection, took place in August ’23 and the eight models that were selected for it were all Majoreras (Fuerteventura locals) of all ages, complexions, and backgrounds, starting with 81-year-old Mari Puri, a fisherwoman from El Cotillo. Mari Puri is, in many aspects, the essence of this arid, strong, and beautiful land with her compressed but imposing figure. The shooting took place in one of the most beautiful enclaves of the north of the island.

Mari Puri represents the diversity that sandOcean so strongly defends.

All in all, sandOcean® is a beautiful, harmonized blend of respect for one’s home and handcrafting, and embracing the innovations that our planet so desperately needs.

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