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Žilina, Slovakia


Nebbia cares deeply for our planet, our ocean and the life in it. Nebbia teamed up with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to make their new “Seaqual” collection with SEAQUAL® YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic - active sportswear comprising women’s leggings, fitness shorts and tops.

Nebbia teamed up with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE because they believe that together we can change the oceans to a better place to live for every living creature. This is why they came up with their new “Seaqual” collection.

They have also eliminated the plastic they use, replacing ordinary plastic packaging with bioplastic packaging made of corn starch. By taking these steps, they have committed to eliminating the amount of waste they product. Nebbia’s long-term goal is to minimalize waste, recycle and take good care of our planet. “Every year 12 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans and seas. Up to 90% of this plastic waste sinks to the bottom of the ocean. There are a total of 4.6 billion tons of plastic in our environment.

We decided to work with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to remove this plastic. This is how a new collection was created that is made from these plastic bottles.

Imagine: In order to make pants, we need 8 plastic bottles that would otherwise have been in nature for 500 years. Instead of contamination, these bottles can be used to accompany you during your workout. These 8 bottles represent 200 grams of plastic waste, which doesn’t sound like much, but we still clean an area the size of Barcelona in a year. It no longer sounds small!”
(Source: Nebbia)

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