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Graz, Austria


Legero has collaborated with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE using SEAQUAL® YARN in two of their brands: +VIOS and Think! Legero care deeply about our oceans and the natural environment in general, and about maintaining a living space that will still be worth living in in the future.

Legero +VIOS has always stood for uncompromising sustainability and high quality work with love for every detail. For Legero +VIOS, an ecological production of their products is of utmost importance and deeply connected with their philosophy. Passion is key. And it needs partners who share this passion.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is one of these partners that provides innovative materials which are up-to-date with environmental research. In their Legero + VIOS SEAQUAL collection, Legero +VIOS use special outer knitted material made from SEAQUAL® YARN, 10% of which comes from Upcycled Marine Plastic retrieved from our oceans, beaches and estuaries and 90% of which comes from recycled PET bottles.

Legero Think! has been living the sustainability, quality, innovation philosophy for more than 30 years. They aim to take a holistic approach in caring for the environment during the whole production chain of their shoes. Sustainable shoe production requires passion and dedication.

In search of new technologies and developments that meet the high standards that Legero Think! sets for their products and for themselves, they joined forces with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. By producing new materials from marine plastic, Legero Think! is actively fighting marine pollution.

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