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At the start of 2020, rapper Marteria launched his first ‘green’ collection with his Green Berlin brand: BACK2GREEN. The collection is made with SEAQUAL® YARN, because fighting plastic pollution in our oceans is something the musician cares about deeply.

BACK2GREEN, the new collection from GREEN BERLIN by MARTERIA is comprised of 20 pieces, from the jacket and the hoodie, patches and fleece to socks and caps. All limited editions. The cornerstone of your own label, which should make awareness of the flood of plastic debris in the sea, the circular economy and properly produced clothing even more interesting. “We don’t intend to save the entire world,” says Marten. “But we want everything we do to be as cool as possible. And for me, horny also means sustainable. ”

Green Berlin was originally founded for the alter ego Marsimoto de Marteria and friends of rappers and producers. “Back then, the green was more of a stoner ad,” Marten said. At the same time, there were songs from the beginning that made sustainability a theme. And it has always been about the weak, about taking reality out of the niche. The self-proclaimed community of creative rebounds, of course, has also evolved in the last 13 years. A logical transformation back to green that Marteria cannot avoid.

“Water is my element. My grandfather was a fisherman, my father is a sailor, I am a fisherman. It’s in our DNA, “says Marten.” And as I fish, dive, everywhere I notice more and more plastic around me. “The idea also came up to do something new and better from conventionally produced mass-produced products, like a lot around the Green Berlin team – from their typical drive to discover the world.” We just wanted to know what was possible. And how it works,” says Green Berlin label manager Chris Otto.

Green Berlin provides answers in the documentary on the fashion line, among other things. Step by step, the crew around Chris, Marten and Pete Boateng in Spain and Turkey are checking how plastic, which has been at sea for decades, becomes new material for BACK2GREEN.

“Regardless of whether you eat meat salad or reserve the cheap airline: whoever uses BACK2GREEN has taken a first step, after all. Because each part maintains a little more waste in the cycle,” says Marten. And in this case, copying is not only allowed in Green Berlin, it is even recommended! The more artists and brands join the pioneering work, the more directly the production runs, the better the prices and the greater the positive environmental impact. There is only one Earth!
(Source: Green Berlin)

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