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Essenzia Dormire has joined with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to offer a mattress made with SEAQUAL® YARN that is environmentally friendly and which clearly shows the brand’s strategy to be sustainable and creative, allowing its customers to sleep well and with a clear conscience.

Essenzia Dormire has put its machinery to work to contribute its grain of sand to the long-awaited revolution towards more efficient and ecological processes, products and services.

The new Essenzia Dormire mattress is revolutionary because it is made of plastic recovered from our oceans.

The collection and transformation of this marine litter is managed by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and the fishermen and clean-up organizations who are part of this collaborative community, and have transformed almost one hundred tons of marine litter to date. This plastic is transformed into SEAQUAL® YARN, a 100% recycled polyester thread containing Upcycled Marine Plastic, which is incorporated into the different elements of the mattress.

This co-marketing between Essenzia Dormire and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE offers as a result a great product, which is friendly to the environment and shows that a company’s strategy can be sustainable in an original and creative way.

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