Ocean cleaning & recycling


Accra, Ghana

6th January 2015

Environment360 specializes in creating community education campaigns and collection systems that support the work of informal waste workers. We work to create ecosystems that support the growth of circular economies and adoption of sustainable consumption patterns throughout West Africa.

The World Bank has noted that 80% of marine litter comes from land based sources. As a coastal country, it has become obvious that the time for action is now in Ghana. Each day fishermen are pulling in nets full of plastic waste and plastic bottles are washing up, by the ton, each day in our coastal communities. This phenomenon not only affects life on land, but life below the sea. Given the destruction of the marine ecosystem we can only assume that some portion of the food chain is contaminated by plastic waste.

Environment360 is passionate about being part of the global solution to solve this critical issue. As a result, we work in coastal communities throughout Ghana to help combat marine litter by ensuring plastic waste is collected at source of origin. We work with all players along the waste management value chain to decrease the amount of indiscriminate dumping of waste in coastal and urban communities by working with local authorities to create new collection routes and education campaigns that help these communities understand the importance of preserving our beaches and marine life. We support a blue economy for better communities and improved livelihoods of waste pickers in Ghana.

Environment360 is a (Ghana Education Service) GES certified organization that empowers teachers and students to create sustainable classrooms and help them learn about climate change and climate mitigation. Since the inception of our program we have worked with more than 15,000 children. Our program not only teaches children to properly segregate their waste at source, but also exposes them to green technology and careers so that can take advantage of the green economy.

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