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El Corte Inglés sustainable swimwear collection



El Corte Inglés has collaborated with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to launch the first sustainable swimwear collection from the Énfasis brand.

El Corte Inglés took its name from a small tailor’s shop founded in 1890, located between Calle Preciados, Calle Carmen and Calle Rompelanzas in Madrid. In 1940, when the business had just seven employees, Ramón Areces constituted the company
El Corte Inglés, with his uncle César Rodríguez
as his partner and Chairman of the company.
The nineties were marked by strong growth, business expansion and important milestones, such as the acquisition of Galerías Preciados and Marks & Spencer, the creation of stores in Portugal and diversification.
Today, El Corte Inglés is the architect behind the boosting and renewal of the Group’s own brands and also promotes significant advances in sustainability.
El Corte Inglés with its swimwear brand Emphasis is committed to more sustainable fashion by supporting and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for this and future generations. The collection has been created in collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to fight plastic pollution in our oceans.
El Corte Inglés will have this sustainable collection for Spring / Summer 2021, made with Upcycled Marine Plastic retrieved from our oceans and beaches.
The Énfasis collection has different models of swimwear and bikinis. The blue and gray tones chosen for its minimalistic designs are reminiscent of our oceans.
The fabric is manufactured with SEAQUAL® YARN made from plastic waste from our waters (plastic bottles and plastic caught from the sea) that have been treated for use in textiles.

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