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From the sea to CUPRA Born seats



CUPRA and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE team up to create bucket seats for the CUPRA Born - using sustainable materials sourced from the Mediterranean Sea

For the world premiere of the CUPRA Born
which ushers a new era with the brand becoming the impulse
behind the electric transformation, CUPRA has joined forces with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to manufacture the standard production seats
for CUPRA’s first 100% electric model.

The new bucket seats will be created from a recycled polymer fiber fabric, SEAQUAL® YARN, Upcycled Marine Plastic retrieved from beaches, oceans, rivers and estuaries and seas.

This innovative material, which is in keeping with CUPRA’s design style and high-quality standards, is produced thanks to the collaboration
of fishermen, NGOs and local communities, who collect the litter.

In line with CUPRA’s commitment to innovation, this sustainable project includes the use of recycled materials in the seats. A circular economy-base initiative, created with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, that, helps the continuous cleaning of the seas, rivers and oceans.

The new CUPRA Born will contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions and the fulfillment of European objectives. From now on, thanks to the collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE,
the brand will also impulse circular economy and
the care of the Mediterranean and its surroundings.

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