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CLAE’s SEAQUAL Bradley Knit Sneakers

Los Angeles, USA


CLAE is dedicated to offering minimalistic and timeless pieces while minimizing their footprint on the environment. CLAE decided to collaborate with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to make their SEAQUAL Bradley Knit sneakers with SEAQUAL® YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.

In 2001, CLAE was launched to create a new approach to footwear, which was to modernize the classic silhouettes to fit today’s active lifestyle. Versatile footwear that moves with you day to night, work to play and that compliments a modern man’s wardrobe and life. Footwear that is designed for everyday living without sacrificing style or comfort.

This season, CLAE has developed new premium fabrics crafted from plastic waste transformed into highly durable materials such as recycled terry, mesh and knit. CLAE’s SEAQUAL Bradley Knit sneakers combine minimalism in design with innovation and sustainability.

The sneaker is lightweight and breathable, featuring a new synthetic upper made from recycled plastic from the oceans, a vegan leather heel accent and a molded EVA footbed on top of CLAE’s SP sole. Available in four colors – deep navy two tones, microgrey two tone, white navy or black cream – it utilizes renewable materials, creating a timeless style that will last longer than conventional materials.

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