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The BENU Sea collection is a sustainable home textile collection made with SEAQUAL® YARN



With the BENU Sea collection, Christian Fischbacher has very successfully taken on the challenge of creating a beautiful, high-quality home textile collection from a sustainable recycled material: SEAQUAL® YARN, made with SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Christian Fischbacher, a family-run business with its headquarters in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, has been creating luxurious fabrics for over 200 years. During this time, it has become a successful global supplier of the very finest interior fabrics, accessories, carpets and wallpaper for private homes, the contract sector and public spaces.

Christian Fischbacher has been experimenting with recycled materials and producing sustainable fabric innovations for more than ten years. The company actively supports SEAQUAL INITIATIVE in its fight against marine litter, increasing their collection with BENU Sea and, at the same time, making an important contribution to the recycling of non-degradable waste.

The high-quality BENU Sea fabrics have been awarded the Swiss Design Prize 2021. All pieces in the collection are made from SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester yarn made from SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC obtained from the sea, mainly from PET bottles.

With the BENU Sea collection, Christian Fischbacher is totally in step with the times. As Camilla Fischbacher’s Creative Director says, “The trend towards a greener lifestyle also influences our aesthetic perception. The trend is therefore towards new and innovative yarns that convey a natural color and structure”.

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