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Cabaïa guides us through the creation of its sustainable backpacks



Cabaïa is a French company renowned for their innovative, sustainable backpack designs. Now, they present the innovative process leading to their beautiful designs, starting from the collection of marine litter.

Who said backpacks were boring? Cabaïa collaborates with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to create ingenious backpacks and other accessories that, together with being stylish and fashionable, help take care of the environment in its process.

Among some of their commitments to reduce the environmental impact of their products, we find their “No plastic” policy, the use of recycled materials (including SEAQUAL® YARN) and the promise of a lifetime warranty.

Their approach and efforts towards sustainability have earned them a B-Corp certification.

More recently, their efforts to take care of the planet have protagonised a documentary film titled “Des déchets qui valent de l’or” – “Trash worth gold” in French. In this film, we have the opportunity to accompany Bastien through one of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE’s collection points in Kerkennah, our offices (where Managing Director François Devy explains how we turn marine litter into our precious SEAQUAL® YARN) and, finally, we get to visit Cabaïa’s workshop to see how they create such amazing designs.

This is a great representation of how a community can work together to help solve a global crisis by turning waste into beautiful, great things.

Don’t wait any longer and watch the video, right below!

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