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BURLINGTON’s Restora™ Collection



Burlington is a global provider of textile solutions with over 95 years of textile leadership and is mindful of the impact they have on the environment. Burlington teamed up with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to make their Restora™ collection with SEAQUAL® YARN and help to clean our oceans.

Burlington is committed to sustainability. Across their platform, they are increasing their efforts to reduce the use of harmful chemicals by continuing to provide bluesign approved fabrics, implementing eco-friendly efforts in their manufacturing facilities like recycling wastewater in China, and collecting rainwater for use in Mexico. All of which will help them to reduce their impact on the environment.

Burlington is excited to introduce its next evolution of sustainable fabrics called Restora™, a renewable fabric collection for the eco-conscious outdoor enthusiast. What goes around comes around and what was once new does not have to become waste. Create new meaning and purpose for plastic waste with Restora™.

“We love the outdoors and we believe repurposing waste is a way for us to do our part to make sure future generations have as many or more opportunities as we do for a healthy environment,” says Nelson Bebo, vice president technical sales development for Burlington. “Going forward every new development in our Enthusiast Collection of performance fabrics will have at least 30 percent recycled content. Our commitment is to push the limits for our customers, creating fabrics that use new sustainable content and are produced in eco-friendly facilities focused on reducing our environmental footprint and impact.”

The Restora™ collection features eco-conscious fabrics made from a range of innovative and industry leading recycled content. New sustainability partners Eco Circle™ and SEAQUAL INITIATIVE are added to long-standing sustainability partners REPREVE® and THREAD™ to offer customers a broad range of renewable materials.

Eco Circle™ fibers powered by Teijin use a closed loop recycling system to give new life to old polyester based garments. Teijin’s revolutionary process separates and eliminates both additives and colorants and purifies the recycled polyester to its original quality and function. In an exciting move towards recycled marine plastics, SEAQUAL® YARN is made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic bottles and plastic waste reclaimed from the Mediterranean Sea, creating yarns that contain about 93 to 95 percent recycled PET and 3 to 7 percent ocean plastics.
(Source: Burlington Fabrics)

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