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B·SEArcular by EPSON



Epson, in partnership with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and LCI Barcelona fashion school, presented its sustainable and circular fashion project, B·SEArcular, within the framework of 080 Barcelona Fashion, to support SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and raise awareness of the issue of marine litter.

B·SEArcular is an initiative led by the technology company Epson, the international SEAQUAL INITIATIVE platform and LCI Barcelona design school, with the main objective of cleaning the Mediterranean Sea of plastics and reintroducing them into the market through the circular economy.

To do this, the project consists of various phases, each one starring one of the agents that form this alliance. Each phase of the project is an opportunity for economic and social growth, and the circle closes when, after the useful life of the garment, it can be recycled again, restarting the cycle again.

B·SEArcular is about doing digital textile printing in a sustainable way, projecting a platform for young textile design students, especially in the field of sustainable fashion.

Epson is collaborating with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to support ocean clean-ups to take action against marine litter.

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