Project Leader

Xavier Murard

Le Grau de Roi, France

“Listen to you dreams”

I am the initiator of the ReSeaclons project, and I work every day for a cleaner ocean.

I am an Ocean lover, and surfer, I believe that we must care for what we love and enjoy most. Oceans are a key element that balance mother nature and all the earth system. It was important for me to study to develop professional skills to work for what I love. I graduated with a Bsc in Global Environmental Science and a MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management.
I had the chance to travel a lot and experience different cultures. I have navigated as an Oceanographer in the Northern Pacific, then I have worked as a marine topographer embarked offshore in many different countries. During these years spent at sea, I could observe the impact of human activities on the marine environment.
In 2010, it was time to act and to start to find solutions for positive impacts. I was co-associated in a start-up which was developing an innovative machine to deliver bulk liquid products like soap in supermarkets. The idea was to avoid waste by encouraging the reuse of packaging.
In parallel to my job, I did some consulting for different associations to implement innovative schemes in the field of waste reduction, food-short circuit, and the rebirth of deposit systems in France.
After a few years of consulting, I decided to launch a special program to collect and recycle marine waste and litter, and to act to fight the plastic wave. That’s how the ReSeaclons project was designed and it started in 2018 in Le Grau du Roi.
Now, I am full time concerned with the project and its development. ReSeaclons is the interface between the territories, fishermen, NGOs and industries, we are writing a collective story of depollution, that brings value to the marine litter and all the waste collected and recycled.
My job with ReSeaclons is to develop new territories for collecting marine litters, to animate existing collection points, especially within France, in Mediterranean countries like in Tunisia and in French marine territories.

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