Project Leader

Marie-Laure Barois

Le Grau de Roi, France

“For a planet in better Harmony”

Co-founder of ReSeaclons NGO, I manage Alliance and Partnership of the stakeholders

Born in Brittany, near the sea, I have been in synergy with the Oceans since my childhood. I have learned to observe our environment and live close to the nature and the sea, thanks to my years spent wild camping, scouting, hiking, diving, biking and sailing.
With a post-graduate degree in “Climatology, Water Cycle, Seas and Ocean” from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and my geologist background at the Sciences University of Bordeaux, earth sciences and Mother Nature had constantly been part of my leitmotivs.
Involved in the world of the handicapped since a tender age, as a family caregiver, patience is one of my qualities. And we will need patience to clean up our world from all the plastic waste due to human activity. In the early 90’s, I had the opportunity to the sail twice across the Atlantic, both ways, and I remember seeing dolphins, flying fishes but no macro plastics.
After 20 years of field operation, data processing and project management in the civil engineering and maritime works sectors, travelling worldwide, I have decided to put my expertise, my dynamism, my cultural openness and my relational capacities at our World’s disposal.
Like the hummingbird dear to Pierre Rabi, I would like to be one of the stakeholders acting for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
One day, while participating in a beach clean-up in the South of France where I live now, I met the initiator of the ReSeaclons Pilot Phase created in the Grau-du-Roi and supported by the Marine Institute of the Seaquarium.
Reseaclons being dedicated to be expanded on other territories, we have decided to create an NGO to develop other territorial networks, in Occitania, in France and also internationally, each time involving local fishermen, environmental organisations, local authorities, companies and start-ups.
Together, we set up innovative circular economy sectors for the collection and recycling of marine litter using innovative technological and organisational processes.

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