Jeffrey Provencal

Accra, Ghana

“Shifting perceptions from waste to resource”

Jeffrey is Founder and Head of Business Development at rePATRN in Ghana, a recycling company making a positive impact on the environment and local people.

Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland to parents of Ghanaian descent, Jeffrey grew up between two cultures. During his annual visits to Ghana he quickly noticed the dissimilarities especially when it came to the collection of waste. Having come across the concept of impact investing during his banking & finance studies, he wanted to put what he had learnt to the test. Would it be possible to create a business that has an environmental, a social and a financial impact where none of the objectives detract from one another? He set off to Ghana to find out. The aim was to bridge the gap between an abundance of PET waste and the rising demand for the material in the developed world. Given that in Ghana, like in most emerging countries, the informal sector plays a substantial role in waste management, it allowed for two boxes to be ticked at once. The removal of PET bottles has a massive positive impact on the environment whilst at the same time, partnering with the informal sector led to the creation of thousands of employment opportunities. The last remaining objective was to find a way to monetise what has been deemed waste and working together with SEAQUAL is the best way to accomplish this feat. The collaboration enables otherwise hard to recycle PET bottles to get recycled into amazing products. Ultimately, this is what rePATRN needs to support its mission, shifting perceptions from waste to resource.

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