Project Leader

Ignasi Mateo Rodriguez

Barcelona, Spain

“La prevención es la solución”

IGNASI MATEO RODRIGUEZ works for the Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya on projects related to the prevention of marine litter including MARVIVA, ACT4LITTER and PLASTIC BUSTERS MPAs.

I work in the Catalan administration (Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya) on projects related to the prevention of marine litter. I have coordinated (2016-2017) the MARVIVA project for the collection of marine litter by trawlers from the port of Barcelona. This project has subsequently been extended to all Catalan ports. I have also coordinated the project for the collection of waste from fishing nets in Catalan ports for its subsequent recovery (campaign ‘Porta les xarxes a bon port, reciclales’). In 2017 and 2018 and working at the UNEP-MAP Regional Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption, I coordinated the European project ACT4LITTER to find measures to combat marine litter in marine protected areas, specifically developing a list of measures that are already working to mitigate the problem of marine litter. In 2019 I joined the European project PLASTIC BUSTERS MPAS to coordinate the communication of the project and coordinate the implementation of concrete measures, through pilot tests, for the prevention of marine litter in marine protected areas such as Cabo de Gata, the Ebro Delta or the Cabrera National Park in Spain. These measures include the replacement of single-use plastics with reusable containers in beach bars and festivals, the installation of SDDR machines (systems of deposit, reimbursement and recycling of plastic containers) and the replacement of polystyrene fish boxes used by fishermen with boxes made from alternative materials and their collection to avoid their discharge into the sea.

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