Eduardo Negrete


“Raise awareness about water pollution and manage it by coordinating action plans with society, governments, companies and universities.”

Managing Director of EDMA Solutions Variable Capital Limited Liability Company and Founder of “Ríos Limpios” - Environmental Conservation Association

I was born in Mexico City in 1980 into a middle-class, Catholic, conservative family. I grew up in the city seeing the growing problem of pollution from a young age. I was fortunate to be able to have holidays by the sea every summer and spring break, which gave me a tremendous sense of belonging to nature, and going back to the city was increasingly difficult for me. I now live 20 minutes from the sea in an area with many underground rivers and a high annual rainfall and I feel like I’m in my habitat.

In the 6 years since I started “Ríos Limpios” I’ve organized and participated in hundreds of clean-ups on beaches, in forests, rivers, lakes, estuaries, mangroves, mountains and cities. I’ve also actively participated in the “Alianza México sin plástico” (Mexico Without Plastic Alliance) which has achieved the regulation of single-use plastics in 29 states in Mexico. I am part of different school councils and I actively participate in recycling activities and circular economy workshops. We are members of the UN’s global “Clean Seas” campaign.

As far as I’m concerned, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is the best way to end a beach cleaning activity, as all the recycled material gets a new life and the story of the clean-up can be told to generate economy. I think it’s wonderful that we can take what the tides throw at us and create new objects with it, without damaging the environment and, at the same time, creating awareness in those who see us do it.

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