Arianna Bucci

Barcelona, Spain

“Knowledge, together with awareness and enchantment, are the basis of respect towards oneself, others, and the environment”.

Marine biologist and project developer. Marketing and communication manager at El Peix al Plat.

Dr. Arianna Bucci is a marine biologist committed to education and conservation. BSc in Biology from Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Italy), she conducted a research about ecological aspects of Mediterranean fisheries (ICM-CSIC, Spain). She specialized in phytoplankton ecology and Silicon biogeochemistry in Spain (UB, CEAB-CSIC) and France (IUEM-UBO), earning a PhD from the University of Barcelona (Ecology Dept., UB, Spain). She has worked as a researcher in Malaysia (University of Malaya). She is currently completing a MSc in Marketing and Sales Management (EAE Business School, Spain).
She has worked as a research technician and an environmental consultant, both for the private sector, and as a freelancer, collaborating in projects dealing with Environmental Impact Assessment, fisheries management, and IUU fisheries.
Arianna has over 10 year experience as a Marine Biology teacher for international pre-University students, and as an environmental awareness instructor. She has created a variety of courses and workshops to awake the public curiosity and sense of wonder about the natural world, while rigorously disseminating science. She was the co-founder of an environmental interpretive center in Spain, managed by a local NGO, where she was in charge of fundraising and project development, as well as of outdoor educational activities for schools and general public. She has worked in the promotion of educational programs at national and international level. She is currently working with El Peix al Plat to promote responsible consumption of seafood, and to develop conservation and education projects, in collaboration with NGOs, public and private stakeholders, and the scientific community.

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