Local Authority

Arabelle Bentley

Shetland, Scotland

“All of us have created the problem of marine pollution. Working together, we can all be part of the solution”

As KIMO International Executive Secretary, I work to communicate marine policy development and plan strategies, both inside and outside the organisation, in order to respond to emerging issues of marine pollution and safety and hold decision-makers to account. I also work with KIMO national networks to coordinate practical and research-based projects and facilitate sharing of information and best practices between members and with external partners.

Three things are vital in the fight against plastic pollution:
o find ways to recycle and reuse plastic litter in our oceans;
o stop public appetite for single-use plastic products through design and production of sustainable alternatives;
o stop the leak of plastics at source by ensuring that polluters are held to account.
These can only be achieved by stakeholders working together at all levels of governance to address this problem.

KIMO is an international environmental organisation that works to protect the interests of coastal regions. It is designed to give local authorities a political voice at regional, EU and international level and provides a means for local authorities to directly influence marine environmental policy. KIMO lobbies MPs and MEPs to acknowledge and take action on the issues that threaten our marine environment, such as marine plastic litter, micro plastics and micro beads, pollution from shipping and from the oil and gas industry and transportation of nuclear and exotic waste. KIMO also works with NGOs internationally and regionally to make joint proposals against emerging threats. KIMO uses practical solutions to address environmental problems and seeks funding to run projects that demonstrate solutions.

Arabelle’s role as KIMO International Executive Secretary includes communication of policy development and issues relevant to KIMO members and executing the resulting work; coordination of joint responses to public consultations; highlighting and planning strategies for dealing with emerging marine environmental issues; lobbying at International level; working with national networks and external organisations to coordinate practical and research-based projects; facilitating information and sharing of best practice between members and externally; organising meetings and seminars and promoting KIMO’s work internationally.
Arabelle gained a BSc (Hons) degree in Geology and an MSc in Mineralogy and Environmental Science. She began her career as a scientific researcher, first at the Natural History Museum in London and then at the Open University in Milton Keynes. A move into project management and the production of scientific study materials for students followed, before a move to the Shetland Islands to take up a post that allowed her to focus specifically on her passion for restoring the oceans to health, through her role as KIMO International Executive Secretary which she has held since 2015. Much of her work is done working in collaboration with external stakeholders on ways to mitigate the impact from marine pollution. She believes that this is the most effective way to address the issue.

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