Project Leader

Anna Bozzano


"The more you know the ocean, the more you love and protect it"

Marine biologist. Founder and Director of El Peix al Plat. Responsible of Fishery Tourism in the Fishermen Association of Barcelona

Dr. Anna Bozzano is a marine biologist, specialized in fishery.
BSc in Natural Science from Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy), BSc in Biology from the Universitat of Barcelona and PhD in Marine Science from the Universitat Politécnica of Catalunya. I have been studying different aspects of biology and ecology of fishes, sharks and cephalopods, from fishery on the continental shelf to biology of deep sea fishes. I have worked as a marine post doctoral researcher for one year in Australia (James Cook University) and for another year in London (City University). After 20 years of research in the Institute of Marine Science in Barcelona (Institut de Ciéncies del Mar- CSIC) I decided to create my own project in order to communicate my knowledge outside the scientific world. El Peix al Plat (The Fish in the dish) is an outreach project focused on arise awareness on the state of the sea and on how behavior of each citizen can help in its preservation. El Peix al Plat directs its actions on various type of audience. From one side I take children and adults aware of the pollution of the sea and from the other I try to show them how to be responsible consumers. Specially with adults I organize cooking classes using fresh, local and less known species employing recipe also from the local tradition in order to maintain alive tradition of a marine gastronomic culture so important in Mediterranean countries. I am external professor in the Master of Tourism and Gastronomy of the with the School of Tourism,Hospitality and Gastronomy (CETT UB). I am also member of the Slow Food movement, an international movement that promotes consumption of good, fair and close food. I also collaborate with CRAM Foundation (Mediterranean association to save marine animals) giving talks on the impact of fishery on the sea bottom.

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