Alban de Ménonville

Cairo, Egypt

"The Nile is Egypt's main source of life. We should put it back in the hearts of those who are benefiting from it"

Alban de Ménonville is a social entrepreneur. He is the founder of “VeryNile”, one of the largest environmental initiatives in Africa and the Middle East.

After studying Philosophy at McGill University (Montreal) and Business Law at La Sorbonne (Paris), Alban established himself in Cairo where he started to support the civil society, empowering NGOs to become more sustainable in their impacts.

Realizing that no initiative was working on protecting the Nile and the Environment in Egypt, he founded “VeryNile” in 2019 by organizing cleaning events with volunteers.
“VeryNile” was established as the first initiative to develop large-scale means of cleaning up the Nile, fishing for plastic activities with local fishermen on a daily basis and raising awareness of the importance of protecting our environment.

“VeryNile” quickly evolved into an initiative collecting marine litter from the Nile while empowering local communities and partnering with schools, universities and private companies to extend its impact.

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