“Free The Sea” Collection launch by IKKS with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE

Madrid, Spain
"Free The Sea" Collection made with SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC from recycled marine litter by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

“Free The Sea” presentation by IKKS with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: when fashion combines style and eco-responsibility

For several years, IKKS has been developing clothes that are ever more respectful of the environment. For spring 2022, the French brand is unveiling a rock and eco-responsible capsule collection: IKKS “Free The Sea.”

This new eco-responsible collection “Free The Sea” is made of SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC from the recycling of marine litter by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

The marine waste from beaches, the seabed and surface of the ocean, rivers and estuaries is collected by cleaning programmes. They are then sorted into different types of materials. The plastic part is cleaned and transformed into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC

It is a real solution provided by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to combat plastic pollution, which anchors IKKS in an approach that respects the environment and a project for having fashion that is as sustainable as it can be.


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