Développement Durable et Eco-responsabilité : Nouveaux enjeux de la filière Lingerie & bain

Michel Chtepa, Managing Director of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE took part in this round-table discussion to share the existing solutions that can be provided by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE with regard to social and environmental strategy and the necessity for brands to adopt a holistic approach that considers their entire supply chain.

“Innovating is just a starting point,” explains Michel Chtepa, Managing Director of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, the company behind SEAQUAL® YARN (a fiber made from plastic marine litter), during a round table discussion on Unique by Mode City.

“If we are looking to develop a range to do well, to be on trend, we are all wrong. Because we are really in a phase of rupture, where commitments must be built over the long term. The eco-responsible solutions already in place may not yet be exemplary, but there is already an improvement, a first step towards better practices.

Companies must integrate a real strong social and environmental approach. SEAQUAL INITITATIVE offers them a unique model in this sense, both in terms of commitment and support, by integrating Upcycled Marine plastic with great meaning and inspiration for their customers. Therefore, all of human society must contribute to the cause of the oceans.”

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