Trade Fair

Camira at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Stockholm, Sweden
Camira chose the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 to present Oceanic, a fabric made in collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to help fight marine litter. Woven from SEAQUAL® YARN containing plastic marine litter recovered from our oceans and post-consumer plastic bottles.

Camira have elevated their commitment to sustainable design, with the launch of their first fabric to contain SEAQUAL® YARN at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair: the perfect place to inspire and delight, with 700 exhibitors gathered under one roof. In a pledge to clean both the earth and the ocean, Oceanic is a fabric born from their collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. Woven from SEAQUAL® YARN containing plastic marine litter retrieved from our oceans and beaches and from post-consumer plastic bottles, it’s one small drop in their mission to clean both the earth and its ocean. A recycled polyester with a purpose, Oceanic is a strikingly contemporary fabric with an intricate twill weave.

Woven using SEAQUAL® YARN, for every 2kgs (4 meters) of Oceanic fabric sold, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean. Taking its strength from the raw material from which it was originally created, Oceanic is a highly durable textile, tough enough for a life not only on the seas but also on the seats it furnishes. Blending a soft fluidity with a high level of performance, it is ideal for inclusion in a wide range of modern interiors. Delicately dyed using cationic yarn, this multi-tonal textile combines and contrasts a light warp with a deeply saturated weft. With an intricate twill weave, this visual detail creates a subtle pattern – enhancing both the considered color and careful construction of the fabric. With a refined color selection of 16 shades, Oceanic combines muted, neutral hues with soft pastels and deep bolds to provide a versatile palette that echoes the shades visible on nature’s shoreline, as well as introducing a number of vibrant, trend-led tones.

Camira’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair stand was created by design and architectural company Raumkontor. Inspired by both the land and sea, it showcases Camira’s newly-launched woolen collection, Yoredale, alongside their latest recycled polyester with SEAQUAL® YARN made with Upcycled Marine Plastic, Oceanic. Jens Wendland, Interior Architect and Partner at Raumkontor, explains: “Ocean and landscape merge together to show Camira’s commitment to the global environment whilst paying homage to their roots. Taking the rich colours of Yoredale and the complex structures of Oceanic, we have taken the best of both worlds. Bringing the natural and manmade together to make a statement of togetherness.”

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