Ocean cleaning & recycling


Le Grau de Roi, France

April 2018

ReSeaclon's collaborative approach brings together local stakeholders in a territorial effort to combat marine litter. The objective is to initiate a collective movement for the preservation of the environment and to set up waste collection and innovative recycling technologies near those territories.

ReSeaclons is a collaborative approach bringing together local actors around a territorial project to combat litter, in particular marine litter and watercourses. The objective is to initiate a collective impetus around the preservation of the environment and to initiate collection and recycling solutions as close as possible to the territories.

Fishermen, sea professionals, local authorities, associations, educational and research establishments, businesses and civil society can act and support the establishment of innovative circular economy sectors for the collection and recycling of wild plastic waste, marine or aquatic. The collected waste is recycled using innovative processes and is made available to local companies or brands wishing to use it in the manufacture of their products.

ReSeaclons is also an important part of research and development, where for the first time in the plastics industry, plastic waste of different nature and altered by the elements, collected at sea, on beaches or along lagoons and streams are recycled together in a heterogeneous way. Beyond the technical aspect, a strong prevention message is also sent on the use of plastic, to propose alternative solutions and limit its dispersion in the environment.

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