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Köln, Germany


In their latest collection, 'SEAQUAL ™', Funktion Schnitt have collaborated with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to inspire sustainability in production and consumption through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and by actively protecting the environment and our oceans.

Funktion Schnitt is an emerging fashion brand for demanding personalities, who focuses on the conviction that nothing should be ordinary.

Since their founding, Funktion Schnitt have relied on innovative materials, high-quality workmanship, and responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes to manufacture products with long service lives. They believe in transparency as a necessary partner and share as much information as possible about the manufacturing of their materials.

For Funktion Schnitt, clean design is equivalent to the high quality of their materials and their functionality. Their products are produced exclusively in a sustainable way and support a clear and conscious lifestyle.

On Forest Day, on March 21st, for example, Funktion Schnitt planted a tree with the help of PLANT-MY-TREE for each TENCEL ™ T-shirt they had sold. They make their customers tree sponsors and allow them to make a significant contribution to climate protection through CO² compensation. Every customer who purchases an organic cotton TENCEL ™ T-shirt receives a certificate with the exact coordinates of their tree.

Funktion Schnitt also cares about recycling. They have recently started offering their Overstock collection, taking existing pieces from their warehouse that have not been sold in previous collections, and giving them a new life.

For their latest collection SEAQUAL ™, Funktion Schnitt have collaborated with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and used SEAQUAL® YARN to help clean our oceans.
(Source: Funktion Schnitt)

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