Kerkennah Plastic Free, a local project

Kerkennah, Tunisia
SEAQUAL INITIATIVE join the "Kerkennah Plastic Free" in Kerkennah.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is very proud to join the “Kerkennah Plastic Free” strategy for the valorization of plastic collected in Kerkennah. Thanks to the DEVLOK project, lead by CIHEAM Montpellier, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE has initiated a collaboration with Kerkennah’s local communities to clean and transform marine plastic into a valuable material: SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC.

This launch event is just the first step of a great new journey for the Kerkennah island and its inhabitants together with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.
Special thanks to Jean-Paul PELLISSIER, Zied AHMED, Omar Kcharem and Abdelkader Arous.

This collaboration agreement aims to valorize marine plastic waste on the island and to minimize the harmful effects of environmental pollution in the region.


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